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2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR

    • Students must be 2 by September 1
    • Monday/Wednesday
    • Tuesday/Thursday
    • Friday Only
    • Children “Older 2’'s" (Sept, Oct, Nov birthdays)
    • Children "Young 3’s" (June, July Aug birthdays)
    • Children do not have to be potty trained for this class until January
    • Students must be 3 by September 1 and potty trained
    • Monday/Wednesday
    • Tuesday/Thursday
    • Explorers as an optional third day on Monday, Wednesday or Friday
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday
    • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
    • Explorers as an optional fourth or fifth day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday
    • Explorers as an optional fourth or fifth day on Tuesday or Thursday

    High 5’s is a class designed for students with late spring or summer birthdays who decide to spend an additional year in preschool before enrolling in Kindergarten. We like to think of it as the “Gift of Time.” Considering this class for your child? Pre-K conferences are held in January so that parents can discuss class options before registration opens in February.

  • Explorers is a class outside of our typical preschool day where your child will get to learn about different states in the United States. They talk about the food, the climate, the location, and the diversity of people all over the United States. Each child will have a passport so they can keep track of the states that they have traveled to and studied. This class is offered to all students enrolled in our preschool program.

  • Stay and Play is our after school program where you can extend your child's school day from 1:00-3:00pm. We offer SAP on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. At 1:00pm, your child's teacher will walk the Stay and Play kids to the bathroom and then to the gym to rest for 20 minutes. The next 40 minutes will be time for playing outside on our playground or in the gym. After that, we will walk the children in for a short video and a snack. Parents can pick up their child at 3:00pm.

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    • 125 kids enrolled in the preschool- no more than 75 students in the building on any given day
    • 20 teachers
    • A ministry of Red Bridge United Methodist Church for over 40 years
    • Low teacher to student ratio with an average of 2 teachers for 13 students
    • $150 for new students
    • $125 for returning students
    • Please note all registration fees are non-refundable
    • $120/mo for the Friday 2’s class
    • $195/mo for the Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday classes
    • $270/mo for three days/week
    • $340/mo for four days/week
    • $400/mo for five days/week
    • Stay and Play: $40/mo for each day you want
    • Drop in Stay and Play: $15/day