I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers. - Ephesians 1:16

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with individuals who are discerning a call to pastoral ministry.  One of them asked me about a typical week. As I ran down what last week held, his eyes were getting wider and wider.  I stopped to remind him that the pastor can wear many hats, but we never go it alone. I was able to share the ways that I feel God’s presence, to tell the exciting story of our congregation, and remind him that the work of the church is always a shared ministry.  

The work that I am called to would not be possible without all of you.  From the leadership’s input and help, to your prayers and financial support, to the many volunteers who offer their hands to the work of the church.  Last week, much time and attention was given to our physical space. The leadership approved the plan for the next steps in the Family Life Center, and our trustee’s ministry team stepped up in a huge way.  

As a way of update, Excel, the contracting company that oversaw our last two additions, took ownership for some of the mistakes made during construction.  Working with Doug Rogers, they sent out a crew to fix the downspouts, and sealed the outside of the foundation. All of this was done at no additional cost to the church.  

Now that this stage of the process is complete, we have accepted a bid from Olson Foundations. Jake Olson is the proud father of an ECC graduate, and a future ECC student. He has taken a special interest in the project since he has a strong connection with our congregation, and gave us a bid that was exceptionally reasonable.  He hopes to complete the internal injections of the cracks by Monday.

Our trustees have been working with other companies to take bids for the next steps of remodeling.  We will keep you posted on the process, but rest assured that they are being good stewards of all of our financial gifts.  Additionally, our trustees have continued to support the ongoing maintenance of the grounds with the help of our Tuesday Morning Crew and the efforts at our Saturday Work Day.  Not only are they assisting with this project, but they are also helping with the repairing of the parking lot in one moment, and fixing a soap dispenser in the next. I am so thankful for all their ongoing work and support.

Again, the work of the church would not be possible without the support of all of you.  Thank you for your prayers, financial gifts, and the work of your hands.

With blessings,


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